washable reusable no harm to wall photo frame

 Completely beyond traditional holder weaknesses, no nail,

 no drilling, avoid complex processes, omnivorously, you 

can stick on the smooth surface where you want.

About this product

washable reusable no harm to wall photo frame 

1. Water-proof. As it's made of brand new Silica gel, which can completely adhere to the smooth surface after pressing tightly. 2. Super strong loading capacity (the small holder is normal loading capacity can reach 10kg).4. Washable. When it gets dry, it can easily recover its paste characteristics. 

3. Easy to take down, reusable, no damage to the adhesive surface, it's environmental-friendly and saving money.
4. 100% no mark left, removing easily, no adhesive stain left, you can hang articles after you stick the stationery holder on the wall closely.  

5. Safety, environmental-friendly, non-toxic, no gum. Please rest assured to use.


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